CORINTHIANS USA was founded in 2010 on the centenary of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, by its founder Josias Baptista Montegan an entrepreneur from the Tele communication business. After its foundation the club was not active until 2012 and only entered its first official competitions in 2013, with former Brazilian soccer player Palhinha (Jorge Ferreira da Silva) as their coach.
Corinthians USA logo is the same as the Corinthians Paulista, but with the American flag at the center. The club used to hold their games at Citrus College Stadium in the city of Glendora, with capacity for 10,000 people. Corinthians USA currently disputes SolCal Premier Soccer League, based in California, for adult teams under-23 and under-19. In March 2014, Corinthians participated in the qualifying round to compete in the US Open Cup Lamar Hunt, the most highly regarded US soccer competition as an amateur club. Corinthians USA won against Juventus Black with a score of 5-0 and qualified for this competition, which began on May 7, 2014. Corinthians became State Champion this year thus achieving a spot to compete in the US Open Lamar Hunt. However Corinthians had foreign players who were not released to play by the North American Federation of Soccer on time. The team was unable to compete and the first match was canceled and lost by default.
CORINTHIANS USA also has an academy where players work to get better so they could develop into professional soccer players and play in professional teams or any university in the future.
CORINTHIANS USA club has Facilities to house their foreign players who seek the club to show their talent and the willingness to play with us seeking to improve their performance and personal curriculum.
CORINTHIANS USA has a Facebook account with more than 30,000 Likes and a large mass of followers. Corinthians YouTube channel already has more than 50,000 viewers with its first year of having a YouTube Chanel . Corinthians web page has an average of 200 new accesses daily with a total of about 6000 or 7000 monthly hits.
CORINTHIANS USA Officials games are recorded and filmed and are most often uploaded to Our YouTube channel. Matches are also Broadcast the day of the game via streaming.
CORINTHIANS USA is mainly known in southern California as a team with a Brazilian style. Mainly because of its foreign players that come from Brazil to play here in the club. Feared by many opposing teams by its phenomenal scoreboards and technical condition to play and lead the game. Corinthians USA is one of the most promising teams in the west coast. After 3 years as an amateur team Corinthians will try to start its career as a professional club in (NPSL – NATIONAL PREMIER SOCCER LEAGUE) where we seek to acquire more knowledge, experience and try to achieve success before seeking even higher grounds.






Battle cry:



  • U-23 2013 Premier league torunament
    – second palce
    – goals record (37)
  • U-19 2013 Premier league torunament
    – first palce
    – goals record (109)
    – 100% matches wins